Year Group Information

Every student within The Peele Community College has a Head of Year who is responsible for the pastoral needs of the students in their care. When students start at the Peele they are assigned a Form Group and they will be looked after by a Form Tutor. We try to ensure as much as possible that Form Tutors remain constant with the students during Key Stage 3 to ensure they have a stable and smooth transition from Primary school and into the academic and social demands of secondary school.

Form tutors are responsible for the pastoral welfare of the students, they monitor attendance, the achievement of the students and any behavior and welfare issues. The Head of Year oversees this work and supports the Form Tutors in ensuring that students feel safe and looked after every day they come to the college, thus giving them the best platform for success in the classroom.

In Key Stage 4 we use registration time for academic intervention as well as pastoral welfare, so the form tutor will be a teacher of English, Maths or Science depending on the academic needs of the student. Alongside the form tutor, the Head of Year will be the main contact for any parents or carers who have any questions or concerns about their child.

We also assign a member of the Senior Leadership Team to work alongside each Head of Year; the sole purpose of this approach is to closely drive and monitor the academic progress of each year group and ensure students are achieving well in college.

Before a student joins the college, the Assistant Head Teacher responsible for primary transition, and the Head of Year will visit each feeder primary school to familiarise themselves  with all the students who will be making the transition to The Peele Community College. This also gives the students the opportunity to meet key members of staff at the college and ask any questions they may have about the transition to secondary school. The SENCo will sometimes attend these meetings to identify any students with specific needs and to ensure that, where necessary, arrangements are made for the appropriate support to be put into place.

Assemblies are held weekly within year groups, these are led by the Head of Year and occasionally the SLT Link to that Year group. Our assemblies are tailored towards the needs of individual year groups and act as drivers to support your child’s progress. They also provide the platform through which the College can promote strong British Values, how to remain safe as well as sending a clear message that all students at The Peele should strive to become highly respected citizens within their local community.

Student leadership is an essential part of what we do at the Peele Community College. Each Year group has a Year Captain and Vice Year Captain. Students have to apply for these roles by submitting a letter of application. The selection process is rigorous with a panel which consists of the Head of Year and a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Successful applicants also sit on the Junior Leadership Team, the college’s student council, which gives students a voice on various issues around the college.

At The Peele Community College, we have an extremely competent and  highly experienced team, who are fully committed to ensuring that both the pastoral and academic needs of the students are met. Our aim is to ensure that all students enjoy school, are safe and in a position to achieve the best possible educational outcomes.